You have a REAL choice now.

There is a new Union caucus in town – The REAL Caucus.

Won’t you join us?

Our Union goals are straightforward. We pledge:

Transparency – PUBLIC and easily accessible officer salaries (no double-dipping with IFT or CTU Foundation allowed), major dues money expenditures (PAC included) and bargaining (officers/staff will never bargain without at least 2 rank and file members present)

Protect and Restore Power to Rank and File Members – Reestablish a large and aggressive grievance-handling department aided by an emergency hotline staffed by a live person at all times during the workday.

Democracy - Any member who expresses dissent will never face insults, bullying, or fear of retribution. This union belongs to *all* of its members. The House of Delegates will hire an impartial professional parliamentarian to prevent officers from abusing their authority.

Representation - All members will receive vibrant representation (Clerks, Techcos, TAs, ASL Interpreters, Clinicians and PreK, Cluster, Special education, Art, Music, World Language, PE, and Substitute teachers).

Advocacy - We will advocate to increase educator diversity and protect members with disabilities. No members will be left behind.

Improve Teaching and Learning Conditions

  • End Student Based Budgeting (SBB) and School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP);

  • Confront bully bosses publicly and remediate;

  • Fight for a less punitive and subjective evaluation process;

  • Enhance veteran teachers’ and substitute teacher pay and protect our pension; and

  • Defend public education from privatization and corporate education reform attacks.

The REAL Caucus wants teaching to be an attractive profession again. Educator burnout is a real issue. We want educators to feel respected and supported so they remain in the profession. Our students and families deserve a stable, diverse workforce.

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Help us build the kind of democratic member-driven union that we all deserve.