How do I find out more about the REAL caucus?

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. If you have questions, just ask us with an email using the links above.

How do I have a REAL representative come to my school?

We love visiting schools. Request a visitor by using our form located here:

How do I join the REAL caucus?

You can find an application by clicking on this link:

Will a vote for you just give the win to another caucus?

We firmly believe we can win this election. It's way too time consuming to run without the intention of winning. However, the way the election is conducted means that if a caucus doesn't get 50% of the the votes, there is a runoff. This means there will be no spoiler candidates.

How can I help?

If you are not a CTU member, you are limited in how much you can donate financially but for anybody who wants to help, that way please contact us! We also need to get signatures to get on the ballot and help getting the word out. If you want to participate drop us a line at